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The Whisper of God


God whispers in my ear,
but the whisper I hear isn't a voice.
It is a whisper of the wholeness of being,
a hint of the Oneness.

It speaks of being the leaves of the trees,
the grass of the plains, and the wind which blows in the evening.
I hear it in the stone, and the wood, and the water,
from the flowers that bloom to the clouds above.

It echoes in the newborn's cry and in the last rattle of death,
it speaks to me of life and death, of joy and pain.
I hear it in you, in me, in everyone, and everything,
limitless of time and space.

It speaks not in a single voice from above,
but from infinite whispers within and around us.
It speaks not as the Source,
but as the Manifestation.

The whisper is only a hint of the Oneness,
for that wholeness of being defies understanding.
It is the beautiful Song of the Universe,
which whispers in my ear.

Much love and happiness,


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