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The Ultimate Freedom


You have a choice. It's your choice how you react to any situation. Sounds rather obvious, doesn't it? If somebody asks you if it's your choice how you'll react to any situation, you'd say, "of course it is!".

However, when difficulties arise, we often ignore that obvious truth and let situations control us rather than choosing to control ourselves. It takes practice, and is far from easy at first, but once you fully realize the truth that you control how you act and feel, an entire new world opens to you. A world in which you're not dependent upon the whims of other people, things, and situations for your happiness. Where you're not buffeted by your own and others' negative emotions. A world full of inner peace and joy which you have only to choose to enter.

As sentient beings, we've been given a priceless gift: our minds. Our mind is the thing between whatever happens in the world and our reaction to it. It is our mind that gives us the choice of how to react to a situation, the freedom to respond in a way which is devoid of all anger and selfishness.

When I get angry at something or someone, I am choosing to give control over my emotional well being to someone or something else. Why would I want to do that? That would be rather silly of me, don't you think?

I often hear people say things like "he made me mad," and "you make me so angry!", but that's a mistake. It would be more accurate to say, "I don't know how to control my emotions, so that's why I get angry." Remember, only you can make yourself angry. And only he or she can make himself or herself angry.

No matter what happens, no matter what is "done" to you, you've got control over how you respond. I'm not in control of what other people do, or how other people act. What I am in control of is how I respond. Hopefully, that will be with love and understanding. You choose your attitude. You choose how you'll react. Everything can be taken away from you, but you'll always have the freedom to choose how you'll respond to a situation. That is the Ultimate Freedom, and it is the gift we've been given. We should cherish it.

Much love and happiness,


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