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A Life Amazing and Wonderful

September, 2010

I sit here tonight, totally amazed and in awe of the beauty of life. I'm exhausted, and in pain from sitting up too long (my back and the elbow I'm leaning on tend to hurt after I've been sitting up too long), but I must try in my feeble way to communicate this.

Those of you who know me well know I've struggled a bit over the summer, as happens to me every now and then, but when that happens I tend to pass through those difficulties with an even clearer understanding of life as it is. I don't know how that happens, but I'm grateful that it does.

I see in life an amazing thing, a thing of utmost beauty and splendor... life itself. Or rather, the process of life unfolding. Whatever happens, just... happens. It just the unfolding chapters of life, moment by moment, hour by hour, and day by day. Nothing more than that. Not "good" or "bad." Simply life as it is.

And yet, there's more... life is not two, it's one. Not this or that, good or bad, fat or thin, happy or sad. Life is ONE. Unconditional, nonjudgmental, and non-dualistic. Not two but one.

And yet, there's more... the uncovered, open life is LOVE. Total, complete, and unconditional LOVE. It's not that life CAN be love, or that life has the POSSIBILITY of love, it's that life IS love. And it's not that I love, or YOU love, or WE love, it's that life itself is love. Stunningly beautiful, amazingly wonderful, love. Total, complete, and unconditional LOVE.

THAT is Heaven. THAT is Nirvana. It's here, right now. To quote the Gospel of Thomas, "The Kingdom of the Father is spread over the earth, but MEN DO NOT SEE IT!"

We're so wrapped up in our lives that we do not see the present moment as a wonderful gift of Oneness, Beauty, and Love. Each and every moment has within itself the totality and completeness of life. It's not just that it has the CAPACITY for fulfillment... it IS fulfillment. All it takes is the willingness to see it as it truly is.

The beauty and joy of life brings tears to my eyes, and I'm glad.

Much love and happiness,


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